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The beginning of the 1970s finds Manolis Tzougaris starts his professional activity by opening a tourist and gift shop in the center of Kavala. Soon he enters the field of jewelry and watches.

With professionalism and dedication to the customer since 1978 it is now a renowned jewelry store.

In 1991 the baton is taken over by his son Dimitris Tzougaris, who, having inherited the basic knowledge in jewelry, goes to study at a watchmaking school in Athens, where at the same time he acquires more knowledge and experience working in large watch repair workshops.

In 2003, it completely undertakes the business with new bases and collaborations in brands as well as the completion and operation of a standard watch repair workshop of all types, with the latest Swiss machines and tools.

In 2018 the store is completely renovated and renewed through its corporate identity “Tzougaris Keep Your Memories Alive”.

In 2020 and after closing half a century of operation,we enter into the modern era and creatre our eshop, moving forward dynamically aiming at the best customer service.

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